The Points That Must Be Observed By Foreign Citizens And Companies While Purchasing Property In Turkey

  • The legal restraints for a foreigner to purchase the property should be asked via assistance of an attorney. Due to numerous amendments in law and application under Turkish legislation, there might be new restraints that cannot be foreseen.


  • The value the property must be compared with the value of other properties having same specialties.


  • Before signing any contract, it must be certainly double-checked from the land registry, if there are any special clauses on the registry of the property such as a pledge or any other restraint.


  • The update information, e.g. occupational zone/industrial zone, on the immovable must be learned from the land registry.


  • Criminal record of the seller should be checked to prevent any fraud case.


  • The purchaser is better to know that, in case of a dispute, Turkish Courts and Execution Offices have the jurisdiction to solve the problem since the property is in borders of the Republic of Turkey. It should be learned from Municipality that whether the property has occupancy permit or not.


  • If there is currently a lessee using the property, the current status of the leasing contract must be examined.


  • Following purchase of the property, in order not to be liable from the previous debts such as water, electricity, a written document must be taken from the seller which shows there is no outstanding debt.


  • It should be noted that persons with foreign nationality can buy maximum 30 hectares of property in Turkey in total and can acquire restricted real rights.


  • Seller and buyer have to pay the tittle deed fee, calculated according to the selling price which cannot be less than the “Property Statement Value” to be issued by the relevant municipality.

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