With 40 years of experience in labor law related matters concerning foreign companies operating in Türkiye and diplomatic missions, Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office is well-equipped to provide effective and swift assistance to its clients in various aspects of labor law. Our services in this area include the following:

  • Obtaining Work Permits
  • Drafting Individual and Collective Labor Contracts
  • Termination of Labor Contracts
  • Consultancy on Legal and Criminal Liabilities related to Work Accidents
  • Drafting Reports, Defense Request Letters, Notices, and Notifications of Termination
  • Settling Disputes and Assisting in Litigation

With significantexperience and a thorough understanding of labor law in Türkiye, Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office is dedicated to providing reliable and comprehensive support to its clients in all matters related to employment relations.