Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office offers comprehensive legal consultancy services to its clients in the construction industry, covering all aspects of construction projects, from planning and financing to project implementation. Our expertise spans across a wide range of private sector construction projects, including collective housing, office and business centers, shopping malls, hotels and holiday villages, factories, production and storage facilities, sports complexes, and convention centers. In addition, we also provide legal services for public construction and infrastructure projects, such as highways, bridges, railways, tunnels, dams, harbors, schools, hospitals, energy stations, natural gas and oil pipelines.

Our specialized services in construction law include:

  • Establishing Real Estate Investment Companies, Joint Ventures, Consortiums, etc.
  • Urban Transformation Projects
  • Examining, Negotiating, and Preparing Contracts
  • Acquiring Construction License and Occupancy Permit
  • Environmental Law Assistance

With a vast experience in construction law and a commitment to delivering tailored and effective legal solutions, Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office is well-equipped to support clients throughout their construction projects and safeguard their interests.