The energy market in Türkiye is experiencing rapid growth, with frequent changes in the relevant legislation. Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office's team is deeply involved in the energy sector, keeping up-to-date with all regulations, procedures, and possessing extensive experience in energy-related operations.

As a result, the Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office provides specialized consultancy services on various aspects of energy law, including renewable energy resources, natural gas, electricity, and nuclear power regulations. Additionally, we offer expert guidance on acquisitions, project finance, and development, as well as governmental incentives available to companies engaged in renewable energy projects. Our dedication to client satisfaction is evident in our successful track record.

Our legal team is ready to assist you in the following areas:

  • Establishing Companies in the Energy Sector
  • License Applications and Amendments
  • Operations with the Energy Market Regulatory Authority
  • Due Diligence Reports and Share Transfers

With our in-depth understanding of the energy market, comprehensive legal expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional service, Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office is poised to be your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of energy law in Türkiye.