Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office offers a comprehensive range of services in the domain of European Union Law, leveraging the expertise of seasoned lawyers that are specialized in this field.

The Office's founding partner, Dr. Selim Sarıibrahimoğlu, has in-depth studies on the political but fundamentally legal aspects of the relations between the European Union and Türkiye. His previous engagements include serving as a rapporteur in the Directorate General for Industrial Relations and Labor Law of the European Union. Additionally, he has participated in negotiations concerning the Turkish constitutional amendments with the President of the European Union. Notably, he successfully initiated the legal process of a case at the European Court of Justice on behalf of company that endured significant financial losses due to the application of the Customs Union. Remarkably, he achieved this feat as the first and only Turkish lawyer to have a case heard and pleaded at the ECJ, despite Türkiye not being a member of the Union.
The Law Office remains diligently attuned to the European Union's current affairs and advancements, proactively responding to developments by providing well-prepared responses.