Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Firm, is an independent full-service law firm providing legal services to domestic and international clients represented in three main cities of Turkey – Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir since 1976. With over fourty years of experience, its team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers and its success regarding the resolution of interstate and intercompany disputes, the Office offers expertise in various legal fields, multilingual services, as well as a vast network of professional affiliations. The impressive track record of our success in litigation, the satisfaction of our clients as well as our diverse clientele make our Office a compelling choice for various legal needs.

1. Extensive Experience and Expertise: With a legacy dating back to 1976, Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office has amassed extensive experience in various legal fields. We specialize in a vast scope of fields, particularly in the areas of company law, tax law, banking and finace law, energy law, EPC contracts, construction and public procurement law, competition law, intellectual property law and labor law. This diverse expertise allows us to cater to a wide range of legal issues that companies and individuals may encounter.

2. International Multilingual Service: Operating in three major cities of Türkiye—Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir—and offering services in multiple languages, including Turkish, English, Arabic, German, French and Russian, Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office has positioned itself to cater effectively to both local and international clients. Offering legal services in multiple languages not only facilitates effective communication but also ensures that clients from different linguistic backgrounds receive exceptional legal assistance tailored to their unique requirements.

3. Well-Educated and Experienced Lawyers: The presence of well-qualified lawyers with international experience enhances the Office's ability to understand and navigate the complexities of international law and cross-border disputes. This valuable perspective can be a significant advantage when dealing with multinational clients or cases with international implications.

4. Recognized Success: The Office's exceptional success in swiftly resolving interstate and intercompany disputes has been acknowledged with merit orders from states of Austria, Brazil, Spain and Iceland. This recognition emphasizes our leading role in providing effective legal solutions and reinforces our reputation as a reliable and accomplished law Office. Please see our references.

5. Impressive Client Portfolio: The Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office has a strong client base, including diplomatic representatives, international organizations, and multinational corporations. Our track record of assisting clients in various aspects of international private and public law demonstrates our ability to manage complex and cases of high significance with proficiency.

6. Extensive Network: The Law Office prides itself in having achieved an extensive network of legal associations, professional institutions, law Offices, and experts both within Türkiye and on a global level. This network allows the Office to meet their clients' needs at the highest level by leveraging diverse expertise and resources.

Professional Affiliations: Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Office is affiliated with prestigious organizations such as The Turkish-British Commerce and Industry, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the Turkish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, the Turkish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the French Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce (AHK) and the Industry and TUKLAD, the ICC Fraudnet and World Jurist Association (WJA). These affiliations reflect the commitment of the Sarıibrahimoğlu Law Firm to professional development and expertise in the legal field.